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Posted by Erik Valevatn on
This is something we at the University of Bergen are also very interested in. Our implementation of .LRN is a bit different from many others, being a campus wide system that encompass all subjects, all students, available to all faculty and staff, and mainly an administrative system (but expanding to LMS-functionality).

Our .LRN-system is slightly integrated into the Intranet for staff, being the forum for cooperation for groups. The news from subjects and groups are shown in the intranet. We are also thinking of LDAP with Active Directory as an inspiration for or even the solution for permissioning for the services we offer.

Let me mention something about our plans for LMS-systems. We will use the LMS-abilities which will be made available in .LRN, if they are satisfactory. But we also have more dedicated systems (for cooperative compositions, language learning, etc.), where we plan tu use .LRN as the administrative part and to keep track of the students for each subject, and guiding the users over to the specific system seamlessly. We do not believe that one system in best in everything when it comes to learning.

To make this work, we need a common Learning Objects Repository and Protfolio that is integrated with all the systems.

Another matter is a common CMS for the university, when it comes to storage and retrieval of information that does not fit in a regular database. This is a typical example where integration should take place, and include .LRN and the Intranet solution.

The keyword is of course open protocols, XML and standardisation. I guess it would be possible for the University of Bergen to participate in a project in these line.