Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Server won't serve anything once .tcl libraries loaded at startup.

If you type (based on your server log output), can you see the static page?
If I comment out the line :
ns_param library "/web/${server}/tcl"
so that the libraries are not parsed into memory at startup, the AOLServer will successfully serve a test static index.html file from /web/${server}/www. However as soon as I uncomment this line to enable the ACS libraries I can't even get the static page to serve. Netscape just reports "the Document contained no data, Please contact your administrator". (But I am the Administrator - so what now??!)
In 3.2.5, don't forget the default parameter in parameters/ad.tcl:
#precedence for file extensions, e.g., "tcl,adp,html" means "serve 
# a .tcl file if available, else an .adp file if available, else an 
# .html file if available, else the first file available in alphabetical 
# order". Comma-separated 
ns_param ExtensionPrecedence tcl,adp,html,jpg,gif
This parameter will control what pages get served first. So if you only typed, it will ignore your static index.html and serve index.tcl instead (if it exists). By itself, this does not explain why aolserver is not serving anything, unless you modified the default www/index.tcl and forgot to include ns_writes to actually output something to the connection. Something to check...