Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Watch Don toss bone to Win32 lovers

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
nobody seems to be able to tell me what will be in 4.x, how important the new features will be, or when it will be out.

I would try emailing the AOLserver list with that question. My opinion is that it would be easier to maintain a native Windows branch from the early AOLserver 4 beta. Back porting bug fixes and new modules would be easier, and my experience has been that the 4 beta is more stable on Windows than the recent 3.x versions. My OpenACS 4.5 Win32 box is now so the installation doc I was working on is at

In terms of making installations easier, I would like to create an MSI installer for the work that I've done. I will be using PerlMSI, which is part of ActiveState's Perl Dev Kit. Someone could do the same thing for a native PostgreSQL port, but I'm not volunteering. :-) PostgreSQL on Cygwin already installs easily. AOLserver 3.x did have an installer, but since you had to patch the sources to make OpenACS work anyway it wasn't very useful.