Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Watch Don toss bone to Win32 lovers

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
Thanks very much! Though in the future, please direct all visitors to my unattractive homepage, as I need the advertising revenue. Just kidding. And you give me too much credit; I've been building on a lot of other people's hard work.

If you need a native database, Oracle works well on Windows. It just isn't very compatible with elementary school budgets. I use the native psql client and pgAdmin II for administration, and have been very satisfied with PostgreSQL. But I have far fewer users than Michael was talking about for a dotLRN installation. One of the recent pg-hacker messages was about PostgreSQL performance on Cygwin.

There were problems with AOLserver on Windows in every version I tested. I applied some of the bug fixes on SourceForge for ADP parsing etc. and had to make some modifications for file upload to work. There are other problems that I haven't bothered to go searching for, but I believe they are mostly minor or easily worked around.

OpenACS will never run as well on Windows as it does on Linux. But it works well enough for small projects. I just put up an internal bboard for our corporate intranet, and the whole thing only took me about three hours, with most of that spent getting ADSI authentication to our Windows domain working.