Forum OpenACS CMS: cms - how to get started?

Posted by dennis sacks on
As a new openacs user I am baffled at how to do content management. Are all the required packages installed by default? If not, what else do I need to install?

Should I be using bcms-ui-base or not?

It is not at all clear where to even begin.

I've got .LRN 2.1.2/openacs installed.

The CMS forum messages seem mostly to be prior to 2005, and its hard to tell what is still pertinent and what isn't.

help me please?

2: Re: cms - How to begin? (response to 1)
Posted by kointer net on
I want to begin make CMS for My Project who can tel me How do I do it? thanks so much.
Posted by Janet Kellman on
Yes, you need to use bcms-ui-base. Try reading first. Good luck.

Janet Kellman
Posted by arokia it on
you should use the bcms-ui-base to do content management