Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to automatic file conversion via openoffice...

Posted by Don Baccus on
I use OpenOffice 1.0 and the MS filters have been vastly improved in the last year.  I send folks Word docs and they never know they've been scammed by a piece of Open Source software :)  I've been reading Excel and Word docs sent me with no problem.  In my mind Sun has done a much better job achieving their goals with OO 1.0 than Netscape has with Mozilla (I'm running Mozilla 1.0RC1 and it's still annoyingly buggy, while OO 1.0 feels like professional software).

So if it is or becomes possible to use OpenOffice's filters in a straightforward way I think we'd have something good on our hands.  BTW OpenOffice generates real HTML so a Word->HTML conversion done by OO will be better than one done by Word - unless the Word doc has one of the increasingly rare things that makes OO choke.

KDE's print to PDF seems to work pretty well though I've had it barf on some things.  But I'm not running 3.0, like all things KDE-ish this utility has probably gotten better.