Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What are the most visually stunning OACS sites?

Posted by Jun Yamog on
Hi Michael,

Deds and me did majority of semizone.  With the amount of custom
code that is put on it... I am not too sure I would like to migrate
that to dotLRN.  But then again I will evaluate it and if the client
pays us for then we must consider dotLRN.

Initially Semizone did not have that focused stuff in e-learning and
it then evolved to this "Education on Demand" thing.  Then
everything focused on it.  This is by the way the first ACS site and
Tcl site that me and Deds did.  Not too bad for a couple of newbies
to ACS.

Doesn't count?  It looks ok although I must
admit it is the least functional site that I ever done.

If aolserver only counts without ACS code I think
has got to be the best looking and functional aolserver site.