Forum OpenACS Development: Re: title attribute in both acs_objects and cr_revisions

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Dave, are you referring to acs_attributes? In HEAD, the title column of acs_objects is still named "title", not "object_title". So I'm guessing you do. However, HEAD doesn't install those attributes that way now:

oacsh=# select object_type, attribute_name from acs_attributes ;
     object_type     |   attribute_name   
 acs_object          | object_type
 acs_object          | creation_date
 acs_object          | creation_ip
 acs_object          | last_modified
 acs_object          | modifying_ip
 acs_object          | creation_user
 acs_object          | context_id
 acs_object          | package_id
 acs_object          | title
 content_revision    | title
 content_revision    | description
 content_revision    | publish_date
 content_revision    | mime_type
 content_revision    | nls_language

If the attributes for acs_objects were correct in acs_attributes, all would be happy, no? Is this something to fix in kernel installation (not sure where this would be)?