Forum OpenACS Development: Response to notifications - is there a need for a new package?


I'm not sure what you mean by 'responses to batches don't make sense'..

I would certainly want to be able to create some sort of batch (bulk) mail request which might, say. send an email to every user registered at that time. I might then want to tie up responses from those same recipients. If we're talking about the same thing here then I disagree and think the notion of batch response should exist; perhaps even the notion of a response which is the point at which the entire recipient list has responded (formal poll for example)... We've had some similar situations with SMS, so the two here are interchangeable..

Also, I assume your second statement means that it shuld be possible to have potentially any type of delivery response, regardless of original delivery method. i.e. it should be possible to send out an SMS and for a recipient to repsond with an email. This is *defiantely* a requirement, so I'm just confirming thats what you mean.