Forum OpenACS Development: Response to notifications - is there a need for a new package?


Sorry for being unclear. Let me explain it more clearly.

If I am subscribed to bboard, and I get an instant notification of
all new messages, then it's quite easy to logically conclude what
should happen when I click "reply" in my mail browser.

However, if I have batched notifications, I may receive one email
with multiple postings that are in different threads. At some
point, I might even receive one email with bboard *and* calendar
notifications. At that point, clicking "reply" in my mail browser
makes no sense. If there is a way to reply to each notification, it
should appear in the text itself of the notification.

Thus, the issue I'm trying to address here is delivery-specific
replies to general notifications: what happens when you use
your delivery mechanism's built-in reply method (as opposed to
looking at the content of the notification for a means of replying).

For the time being, I'm thinking of solving this quickly for email
and instant notifications only.