Forum OpenACS Q&A: "Please Wait" Screen/Progress Bar

Posted by Vince T on
I have an application with a query that is taking several minutes when pulled.

How would I incorporate a "Please wait while data loads" screen that refreshes when the data is available, or preferably have a progress bar.

Or is there an existing application that I can copy/simulate?

Thanks in advance.


Posted by Rodrigo Proença on
Hi Vince,

Use ad_progress_bar_begin and ad_progress_bar_end . For more details see the API browser.

Posted by Vince T on
Thanks Rodrigo... but I'm using 4.6.3 for this site and it that version doesnt seem to have ad_progress_bar_* yet.
Posted by russ m on
I avoid ad_progress_bar_* since it (used to, at least) die on Safari when the connection timed out - sending half the page, waiting, waiting, waiting, then the end...

for long-running tasks I spawn a detached thread for the task which updates status information in an nsv array, and direct the browser to a page which refreshes every 5 seconds and lets the user know how far through the process they are by reading from the nsv...