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Down there is a small extract on the memory behavior of the Web server
(time / mem in KB) in our production server.

Hardware is:
-Opteron 64 dual

The software scene is:
-Linux Debian AMD-64 Sarge
-aolserver-4.0.10 (http and https)
-OpenACS 5.2 with dotLrn
-Many concurrent conections.
-Postgresql-7.4.8 (in other server)

I think of I have applied all the patches I have seen in this maillist.
(The behaviour is the same that in 32 bits Debian)
HTTPS is not the problem. TCL is not the problem. It is a production server
and I think of is very complicated put it in mode debugger.

Any pointer to detect where the memory is losing?
To this rate of loss the server (from 1 - 10 MB per minute) only holds 2 days
of uptime.

10:40:48 1150740
10:41:48 1205000
10:42:48 1213952
11:23:50 1415084
11:24:50 1415596
14:44:00 1575496
14:45:00 1575496
17:41:08 1634500
17:42:08 1634716

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Posted by Patrick Giagnocavo on
If I remember correctly, your minthreads and maxthreads are not the same, is that correct? Are you sure that the extra memory is not caused by more threads being created, which causes more memory to be used? Can you check (using the nstelemetry.adp or other file) whether more threads are in use?

You can access to extracts with threads count included

Our config.tcl has the nex parameters related with threads:

ns_param stacksize 1048576
ns_param maxdropped 0
ns_param connsperthread 0
ns_param minthreads 35
ns_param maxthreads 40
ns_param maxconnections 100
ns_param threadtimeout 3600