Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Troubles installing OpenACS 4.5 in Win 2K, Oracle

The issue of openacs/oracle/aolserver under win2k is often brought up. Here's the problem.  You will, undoubtedly after many hours, get a particular version of this system to run under win2k.  For example, the answer to your current issue is to shorten the names of some of the sql files so as to go under the win2k path length limits.
However, once you install the sql you will face issues with multipart forms, file uploads, etc, etc, etc.

Furthermore, when you ask a question you will be ignored by the community. The aolserver community is openly hostile to windows. The openacs people are busy enough and aren't going to bother with ports. (Maybe a port to apache 2.0, which does work under windows, but that's another story)

Postgresql works under cygwin, which is fine if you have nothing to do all day but download updates and want a system with the lovely unix UI and the magnificent windows stability.

You can use vmware ($300+lots of extra memory), but then you really are in a linux environment learning a whole new set of development tools.

Here's what I did, in the end. On craigslist you can find a dual pIII dual scsi raid server for $500 and a dual KVM switch with cables for $50. SUSE linux 8.0 is $100 delivered. Oracle 8.1.7 can download for free (until you are in production) Download the SUSE 7.0 enterprise oracle instructions and patches. If you are ignorant like me install telnet. If you are clever and knowledgeable install a SAMBA server.
Two hours later you are up and running on a standard installation of openacs, or dotlrn, or whatever that will be sufficient for almost any realistically achievable volume of users. And...when you are stuck you quickly get an answer to almost any problem.

Don't have $600? A Dell p2 450 with lots of memory and disk runs about $200.

Don't have $200? Why are you killing time with this stuff instead of getting a second job?