Forum OpenACS Q&A: Windows installer for AOLserver 4b binaries

As discussed in this thread: I have been working on an MSI installer for my Win32 AOLserver 4.x beta binaries. The source was taken from the AOLserver tree on 4 November 2001, the day before the Windows code started getting ripped out. I've applied a few patches and they need a few more. But they are pretty stable for a beta - I had them running for a month on a low-volume site without any trouble. (The reboot that stopped the streak was unrelated.) I think the installer is pretty much ready to go. I'd like to do some more work on documentation and testing before releasing the installer and sources to a general audience, since there are already several sets of binaries out there to confuse people. But while that is happening, is anyone interested in alpha- testing this stuff? I've only tried the binaries with PostgreSQL/Cygwin on Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Server.

I have good intentions about patching bugs and bringing these up to date with the current AOLserver CVS HEAD, but I'm also really busy.

Finally, I make a quick mockup of some OpenACS on Windows documentation I would like to see: http://empoweringminds.m Feedback on any of the above is appreciated!