Forum OpenACS Q&A: Templating -- Form Manager

Posted by James Thornton on
Does anyone know how to change the blue table colors in Form Manager? I grepped the templating tcl directory for the hex colors, but nothing came up.

Also, I just started experimenting with Form Manager last night, but I didn't see a way to include a short entry explanation and/or a link to more detailed help text for form elements. What about storing this and other form-related info in the acs_attributes table so we can dynamically generate forms on the fly? -- like in problem set 4 (

Posted by Benjamin Bytheway on
Forms are generated using default templates. These can be found in /packages/acs-templating/resources/forms. When I was dealing with this question, I would copy the standard form to another name and then make the changes in the new. You can tell your form to use this new template in the formtemplate tag by using the style option:

<formtemplate id="my_form" style="noblue"></formtemplate>

Whenever I've needed to add a short amount of help text, I would use the -label option to ::template::element. -label can take any text, including html.