Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Problem critical with aolserver

Posted by Dario Roig on
New values in the config.tcl:

# Global server parameters
ns_param maxkeepalive 0

#modules loaded
ns_param nssock ${bindir}/
ns_param nslog ${bindir}/
ns_param nssha1 ${bindir}/
ns_param nscache ${bindir}/
ns_param nsopenssl ${bindir}/
# LDAP authentication
ns_param nsldap ${bindir}/
ns_param nsdb ${bindir}/

#Thread library (nsthread) parameters
ns_section ns/threads
ns_param mutexmeter true
ns_param stacksize [expr 512 * 2048]

# Server parameters
ns_section ns/server/${server}
ns_param directoryfile $directoryfile
ns_param pageroot $pageroot
ns_param maxdropped 0
ns_param connsperthread 0
ns_param minthreads 35
ns_param maxthreads 40
ns_param maxconnections 100
ns_param threadtimeout 3600