Forum OpenACS Q&A: Shipping Service Contract available

The Shipping Service Contract is available for download from the HEAD of the OpenACS CVS.

The Shipping Service Contract offers packages a generic interface to various ways of calculating shipping charges. This release is a first step in the direction of a more fullfeatured service contract that could interface to shippers like UPS, FedEx, etc.

Currently the initial release is limited to querying for shipping rates and does not yet offer tracking, address verification and the like. Value-based Shipping is the first implementation of the contract and provides a simple yet flexible way to maintain a set of custom shipping rates based on the total value of the shipment and the destination.

The package ID of the Shipping Service Contract is shipping-gateway. To download the service contract and the implementation use

cvs login
cvs co shipping-gateway value-based-shipping

from the packages directory of your OpenACS 4.x installation.

For more information see the documentation of the Shipping Service Contract, Value-based Shipping and the Ecommerce packages.