Forum OpenACS Q&A: Looking for Google Summer of Code Mentors

The Tcl/Tk community has been accepted again to Google Summer of Code. In the past, OpenACS and .LRN has been a big component of our efforts and so we again are looking for people interested in mentoring student projects.

If you are interested, please join the Tcl-GSoC mailing list (archives and signup at

Details on GSoC can be found at (


Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi Matthew,

Any idea about when the students can apply? I found a project list in the Tcl community here: Do you know if this list is completed? I'm very interested in apply for real this year.

Posted by Matthew Burke on

The list you found on the Tcl wiki is only a starting point, feel free to add ideas!

The full timeline for this year's GSoC can be found at

But in a nutshell:

Student applications: 29 March until 9 April
Accepted students announced: 26 April
Students code: 24 May until 9 August

From 26 April until 24 May, students get to know their community.


If you want to be a mentor or a student; or if you think you might want to be a mentor or a student; or if you're curious; or if you have a great idea that somebody else should work on :), please join the Tcl-GSoC mailing list mentioned above, and start chatting!