Forum OpenACS Q&A: postgresql port to win32 on its way?

Posted by David Kuczek on
Just saw this thread by Bruce Momjian on the postgresql developers list:


The only thing left to make oacs 100% win32 compliant is aolserver 😊

"OK, I think I am now caught up on the Win32/cygwin discussion, and
would like to make some remarks.

First, are we doing enough to support the Win32 platform?  I think the
answer is clearly "no".  There are 3-5 groups/companies working on
Win32 ports of PostgreSQL.  We always said there would not be
PostgreSQL forks if we were doing our job to meet user needs.  Well,
obviously, a number of groups see a need for a better Win32 port and
we aren't meeting that need, so they are.  I believe this is one of
the few cases where groups are going out on their own because we are
falling behind.

So, there is no question in my mind we need to do more to encourage
Win32 ports.  Now, on to the details."

Posted by Don Baccus on
Actually, AOLserver 4.0 beta is running on Win32, there's even a site in Ireland that's running it along with PG+Cygwin.

The work to bundle AOLserver up with a proper installer and decisions as to which version to support (4.0 final I presume) should come in a few weeks.  There are other threads around here on the issue which you may be able to find by clever searching (then again they may be hard to weed out from the chaff)...