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Posted by G. Armour Van Horn on
Last I remember reading on the status of the next version (was it RC1?) indicated that testing was going on over the last weekend in May. I can't point to any particularly promises, but I expected to be able to download it on the 28th or 29th. But I haven't seen any word since then. I'm about to start an OpenACS project and wanted to wait for the most stable beta - therefore I'm curious what happened.


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Posted by Jon Griffin on
Since I believe Don is on his way to Europe, I will answer with what I think. This may be wrong though.

  • The testing slowed down as the test crew got some paying work.
  • ETP was broken in Oracle (this has been resolved as not releasing for now).
  • A problem with PG 7.2.1 has cropped up, there is no know fix for this yet although some testing is going on. Probably the release won't support 7.2.1
I can't say when the real release will be, but I believe the current CVS is pretty much done (i.e. no schema changes). There could always be some tcl changes though.

As I said, I am not the expert on the release date so YMMV.

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Posted by defunct defunct on
We're finishing the last bit of PG testing now, and should be done for next week.

I've already published some findings on the acceptance test server for the oracle version.

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Posted by Don Baccus on
Release should come after Simon et al sign off, which won't be until after they recover from watching England lose to Argentina today (what can I say, Simon, I've got to stick up for my paying client!)
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Posted by Owen Byrne on
Well, with predictions like that, how can we believe Don's estimates of release dates? ;-)
England 1 Argentina 0.
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Posted by Don Baccus on
Community member and Argentinian Bruno Mattarollo was terribly depressed afterwards.  On his 30th birthday, nonetheless.  So depressed the birthday party lasted until 7 AM the next morning (I had to work the next day and had the good sense to leave at 4 AM, thankfully).

I shudder to imagine what the party would've been like if Argentine had won!

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Posted by Roberto Mello on
I was pretty surprised that Argentina lost. My Argentinean friends here at USU were depressed as well. At least Brazil is winning so far, which is also a surprise since our team is no good this year. But with all the good teams surprisingly losing, maybe Brazil will have a shot at the cup ;-)

Coincidently, one of my friends from Argentina here at USU is called Brunno Mattarolo. He's a CS guy too.

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Posted by defunct defunct on
Vindaloo, Vindaloo, Nah Nah...<br>
Vindaloo.. <br>
Vindaloo, Vindaloo, nah nah!<br>
And we all like Vindaloo....<br>
We're Engerland...<br>
We're.. gonna... score.. one.. more.. than.... you....!<br>
Sorry guys, but you just knew we we're going to do it...
And I managed to celebrate for the entire weekend!!
9: Response to 4.5 Status? (response to 1)
Posted by Rafael Calvo on
Any news?

I also need to have RC1 for a new project and I can't wait any longer!

10: Response to 4.5 Status? (response to 1)
Posted by defunct defunct on

Jon Pike has now pretty much finished off all the testing we have time for, and we've covered off most of the important, useful packages.

Our results, for the record, are at

We may get time to fix some of the issues we've found over the next few weeks, and I'd like to encourage ANYONE who can help fix these things to do so.

I realise Don is very busy, but I'm sure we'd be happy to help ensure patches and stuff are worked into the release (maybe with some testing).

As you can see (and there a couple to do) there are some issues around which do need resolving, but our general feeling is that time Vs quality indicates the release should be good to go. I think most of the probs we've found are ones easily resolved once someone comes to use the package.

Hope that helps, and in the future, if we can get more people to contirbute some testing effort I'm sure we can get release out more quickly. With Hub.Org now generously helping out with testing space/hosting we're really getting there.