Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Payment Service Contract available

Posted by jay he on
What's the procedure I should follow to set up payflowpro and test it?
I updated the ecommerce package to 4.5b. Then I install payflowpro and payment-gateway packages and mount them in the site-map. Got the same error as above-mentioned. I updated the code and fixed the bug.

What's the next step?

I guess I need to set up verisign toolkit. The README file lists the following steps:


* Unpack the SDK from VeriSign.

* Edit the variables at the top of Makefile and verisign.c.

* Run 'make install'.

* Edit your AOLserver nsd.ini to include

  ns_param  verisign        PATH_TO_VERISIGN_MODULE/

  under the modules section.

* Restart AOLserver.

I go to and create a test account for payflowpro. After I login to, I download the SDK in "Linux - libc6 / glibc2 / ELF kernels 2.0.36 and above" version.

I also take a look at its developer's guide. I unpack the sdk in /usr/local. Then I set export PFPRO_CERT_PATH=/usr/local/verisign/payflowpro/linux/
certs/ as nsadmin.

Then I ./ and got the result as the following:
***> Performing 'pfpro' binary test transaction.....
RESULT=1&PNREF=V00000000000&RESPMSG=User authentication failedDone with 'pfpro'
binary test transaction...

But in the readme file, it says the result should be

Where did I make a mistake? I tested several times and couldn't figure out. I guess the problem may be I don't have a CSR certificate.

Any ideas? Thanks,