Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Payment Service Contract available

Posted by jay he on
Thanks. Bart.

I went ahead to make install for versign. And copy to /usr/local/aolserver/bin (I left it in the /web/birdnotes/packages/payflowpro/verisign-modules/ for the first time, which didn't work 'cause it caused a fatal error when loading).

I change nsd.tcl with "ns_param  verisign ${bindir}/" under "ns_section ns/server/${server}/modules"

After restarted the server, I tested the ecommerce package. When in ecommerce/finalize-order page, I got the following error:
[07/Jun/2002:10:41:41][4944.3076][-conn0-] Warning: propagating abortion from /web/birdnotes/packages/ecommerce/www/finalize-order.tcl (status 500): 'Sorry')"

I will take a look and give more info when necessary.