Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Payment Service Contract available

Posted by jay he on
Bart. Thanks for the tips.

In the site-map, I set ActionOnPartialAVS as success for payflowpro and  set PaymentGateway in Ecommerce as payflowpro.

And I set EcommerceDataDirectory in Ecommerce as "/web/birdnotes/data/ecommerce" and create the corresponding directory on the server.

Then I started to test. First I put 4242424242424242 as visa credit card with a bogus expiration date and address. I got the authorization failed. I was redirected to ecommerce/credit-card-correction page. In the ecommerce admin page, I found that order status is confirmed. After I checked the for test account, I found this transaction is in Authorization  status.

I had my lunch and came back and found that status in ecommerce/admin for this transaction was updated to authorized. ( I guess that's the way test server works. You can't get real-time response from the test server?)

Since I don't have my qmail set up. I got an error message (couldn't execute "/var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject": ) when I tried to use a real credit card for test.

Looks like payflowpro package is working.