Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: oacs-dav with MacOS Snow Leopard

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
tdav from the aolserver cvs repository contains a the authentication code for aolserver and a webdav property handler for file systems. With that, one sould be able to install a plain aolserver with this module to share files in the filesystem of the webserver via webdav. The easiest way to checkout the feasibility for Mac OS X is simply to try this out.

tdav looks in general architecturally nice, with the only complaint that it could be done much more flexible object orientation in mind (subclassing e.g. of e.g. a general storage property manager etc.).

However, concerning Mac OS X, using this version of tdav would not solve the problem of the poster, since the Finder of Mac OS X (WebDAVFS) uses chunked encoding for PUT requests, which is not supported from aolserver/naviserver.

-gustaf neumann