Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Payment Service Contract available

Posted by Hamilton Chua on

Seems that we've been keeping you pretty busy. 
Here is another item that you may want to look at.

In the admin module I clicked on the Orders link and view the pending or other types of orders in the system.

The order id is clickable. When I click on it the following error appears :


unable to convert date-time string "2002-06-11 15:11:02+08"
    while executing
"clock scan $ugly_date"
    (procedure "ec_formatted_full_date" line 3)
    invoked from within
"ec_formatted_full_date $confirmed_date"
    invoked from within
"doc_body_append "
    [ad_admin_header "One Order"]


One Order

************** The file concerned is /ecommerce/admin/orders/one?order%5fid=the_order_id . By the way, am using OpenACS Beta and Postgresql 7.1 Best,