Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Oracle and PG versions getting out of sync

Posted by Janine Ohmer on
Just to be clear, I don't expect the OCT to police the codebase, but I do think a clear statement needs to be made - either we are still supporting Oracle or we are not. As this thread illustrates, there is a strong feeling out there that since Oracle is not in as widespread use among OpenACS installations as it once was, it's on the way out. That becomes an excuse for some to not bother updating Oracle queries at all. Clearly stating that Oracle is still supported and that maintaining both sets of queries is expected will not solve the problem, but it may help a little. At least it takes away the easy excuse.

OTOH, if it turns out that the current state of things continues, then I think it would be better to drop Oracle support than to have it be continually broken. I am not so much arguing for Oracle support here as I am for having code that works as advertised.