Forum OpenACS Q&A: "Practical PostgreSQL" (O'Reilly) online for free

The Postgres User's Lounge ( lists two Postgres books that have been made available online for free:

"Practical PostgreSQL", by John Worsley and Joshua Drake (O'Reilly) -

"PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts", by Bruce Momjian -

Is it just me, or the first book looks like somewhat polished version of what comes with postgresql-doc?

Second book is a good summary, albeit a bit outdated -- no info about ANSI outer joins is given.  Still, on both counts, it is quite nice to have docs like that available on-line.

Slightly off-topic, but does anybody know of any "road map" type document posted by PostgreSQL team?  Just curious to see what is in the upcoming releases...

<p>The <a href="">PostgreSQL "to do" list</a> is pretty useful.</p>
Since you're on the topic, I'd like to add that I found "PostgreSQL Developer's Handbook" very well written. I actually blew through it in about 2 hours on the spot at B&N one day. In case you're wondering... No, I don't normally find computer books that compelling. All credit goes to the two extremely good (and amazingly young) authors.