Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ACS mentioned in

Posted by Richard Li on
Thanks for your interest, Neophytos. The 5.0 release doesn't support RHDB. However, support for RHDB is definitely in our roadmap, and we plan on releasing support for RHDB in the future (no ETA yet, unfortunately). 5.0 does lay a significant amount of groundwork for supporting multiple databases; it includes our MDSQL engine that automatically generates SQL. We're moving towards a model of having the MDSQL engine generate the SQL automatically for you, which will make supporting multiple databases manageable.

Regarding community development, we will be migrating the to a new Red Hat set of bboards (powered by CCM) in the coming months. Like everyone else, we need to balance resources and help our customers first, but we are committed to making this happen. We already are in Red Hat's bugzilla database ( and we will be leveraging more of Red Hat's resources in the future.