Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Wiki modifications for mediawiki format

Posted by Brian Chapados on
The original wikit and mediawiki parser are fairly generic in that you can pass the name of an external procedure for parsing wiki links/references ([[..]]). I'm in the process of cleaning up this code, and then hopefully releasing it as a separate procedure that can be called from any application that would normally accept HTML. As DaveB pointed out in IRC, this would let other applications deal with that information perhaps through a callback. It shouldn't take too long to do this and then hook it up to XoWiki.

Being able to include wiki pages in other wiki pages is a very useful feature. For the way you have it setup now, is the included wiki page just rendered, or are link relationships for the current page updated to encompass links from pages that reference the included page? Hmm... Hope that last bit made sense. Also of note is this warning that I ran across a few weeks ago while browsing the source for the mediawiki parser:

* Variable substitution O(N^2) attack
* Without countermeasures, it would be possible to attack the parser by saving
* a page filled with a large number of inclusions of large pages. The size of
* the generated page would be proportional to the square of the input size.
* Hence, we limit the number of inclusions of any given page, thus bringing any
* attack back to O(N).