Forum OpenACS Q&A: oacs 4.5 + dotlrn release

Posted by David Kuczek on
I know that these are hard questions, but...

Could somebody put up a list of things that have to be done until oacs
4.5 will be released? What might be a realistic release date? What are
the biggest obstacles on the way to oacs 4.5?

I read in some thread (and this might be outdated already) that dotLRN
has some problems to interact with oacs 4.5. Is this true? What
exactly is the problem? Will this be solved and when?

Posted by Don Baccus on
OpenACS 4.5 will be released very shortly.  I've tested the final tarball and will be ready to announce availability after checkoff by e-mail with a couple of folks.

dotLRN requires the development head of OpenACS 4, and will not work with the OpenACS 4.5 release.  We plan to push for a stable 4.6 soon after dotLRN itself becomes stable under Oracle and PG.

Posted by Ben Adida on

The problem is bugs in OACS which were too dramatic to get
fixed before the 4.5 release. OACS 4.5 is *very* usable, but
dotLRN makes use of certain less-used pieces which we had to
optimize/fix along the way. All the changes are in the OACS tree,
so there is no weird magic to make it work.

Posted by Reuven Lerner on

The SDM offers a file called openacs-4-5-release.tgz. Should I avoid the temptation to download it before the official release announcement?

Posted by Don Baccus on
No need to avoid temptation ...