Forum OpenACS Q&A: unavailable

Posted by Jorge Garcia on
At this moment I can't access, nor

Anyone does know what happens?

There are migrating to, have unplugged the cord?


Posted by Richard Li on
We're migrating all the content to We'll be bringing everything up in pieces. The static content should be up in the next few days and the bboards shortly thereafter. Thanks for your patience.
Posted by Rafael Calvo on
thanks richard
Posted by Jorge Garcia on
Thank you for your answer, Richard.

We hope in a few days we could access to the old content.

Posted by Jun Yamog on
Hi Richard,

I hope RedHat can get the bboard up again very soon. I just downloaded CCM 5.0. I got several problems luckly I remembered how to fix those since I got 4.6 and 4.7 running way back then. Now I am stuck with the problem of not being able to run the thick jdbc drivers. Thin jdbc drivers work but of course I know there are issues with it.

I looked at google the solution seems to be at one of aD's threads. And google does not have it cached.... :(. I have encoutered this before in 4.6 but so far I have done all things that I could possibly remember. Please have the bboards up.... Thanks.

I would really appreciate it if you could restore the support docs and download archive of ACS 4.x and 3.x. Those resources are very important to this community because many of us have not yet taken the Java leap... uh, plunge. Thanks, Ben.