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Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Iuri

what's your server networking setup? When you say "internally", what does that mean? From the server that is running AOLserver? Or from within your internal network?

What IP addresses is AOLserver listening on?

Can you do a "telnet %lt;internal IP> %lt;port>" on the server that is running AOLserver?


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Posted by Iuri Sampaio on

The networking is:

I also run nginx as a proxy server listening to IP that points to AOLServer which is listening to the machine local ip address

Would nginx affect internal access?
If so why external access is properly working?

I blocked telnet access. SSH access is working fine

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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
hmm, not sure what exactly you refer to as "internally" and "externally". IP addresses from - are reserved for "private Internets", so they are not suppose to work from outside of an gateway that separates an internal network from the public Internet (see e.g.
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Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Externally: The site is reached through the DNS. For example: and it resolves fine to whatever computer around the globe :)

Internally: the computers those are in the same intranet - (under the same gateway, have no access to the site.
Neither through the DNS nor through the internal IP.

I strongly believe the issue is on nginx.
I will paste the results later.


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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Can you resolve via DNS from your internal machines? if not, your DNS setup is wrong. if DNS resolves to e.g., try from an internal machine. This request should be resolved via proxy (nginx). If this does not work, you have most likely a router/vlan etc. problem. Certainly, one can as well goof up the nginx configuration. One can consider as well using (listen to all ip addresses) for aolserver, but i am not sure, this is a good idea for your case. In general, nginx works perfectly with internal/external addresses. however, without more details about the intended/actual setup, guessing is hard.
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Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
It can't resolve via DNS from internal machines. However it resolves fine to external ones.

What do you mean with wrong DNS setup?

Well, the server is under a modem, which distributes the connection over a switch, and it forwards the http connection on port 80 to the respective machine, at

Then, the proxy server (nginx) switches from to

So far, nginx is not the problem. I turned it down and set AOLServer directly to listen to the internal address and the computers under the intranet have no access to the site.

Btw, the internal machines are running windows except the one that holds the site. it runs debian with standard installation without any browser to test the access.