Forum OpenACS Q&A: There exists an ER or UML description for OACS 4.5???

It will be very useful.

For ACS 3 there was ER docs.

Something similar for OACS 4.5?

Anybody knows?


I don't think there are, although the design docs explain much of that. But if you'd liek to generate them for us, that would be a great contribution for the project.
Hi, Roberto

Could you suggest us any software could help us to produce such a model?

We are learning to use Dia, a free UML tool.

There exists an add to this tool, dia-to-sql, who produces a sql output from our diagrams.

i.e. do you know any software who can read the database estructure from a package of OACS and output graphics with the relations between the tables?

I mean a tool like the menu 'Tools-Relations' in Microsoft Access.


Jorge, we use Dezign by Datanamic. It's not free, but it's not expensive either. It does what you are looking for.


Datanamic -
Dezign -

Thanks, Talli.

I will try.


I've used DbVisualizer, a free-as-in-beer app. It's in Java and connects to the database through JDBC. You need to use the PG 7.2's JDBC driver, even if running PG 7.1 or lower.

It does the entity-relation thingy quite well.