Forum OpenACS Q&A: Mini-Congress on Globalization - 26th of June - Amsterdam

In Amsterdam at 4pm, on the 26th of June 2002, we are going to have a mini-congress on the globalization of OpenACS (right before the OpenACS social).

The mini-congress will start here: Greenpeace Office, Keizersgracht 176, 1016DW - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If you have problems in Amsterdam: Bruno's mobile: +31 629001134

Can't make it to Holland in time? Want to help? You will get your chance. After the mini-congress we will be soliciting community feedback on the results of the meeting, so we can push the best solution, look for help to implement certain tasks, and everybody's happy with the direction it takes.

Hope to see you there!

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
I have started to compile some international/multilingual sites to serve as examples for the meeting in Amsterdam. I will be publishing the list after the conference on this site. If you have or know of a site in a language other than American-English, please post or mail the following:

Version of OpenACS/ACS:
Description of service:
People involved:

Your message does not need to be complete, send me what you have. Thanks!

Please add Timedesk to the list . See you in Amsterdam Ben is a fully multi-lingual site we did.
Thanks for the sites... keep'm coming!
Few links more:

Yad2Yad is in Hebrew and Arabic. (It's about to be moved from OpenACS 3.x to OpenACS 4.5, and some more multilingual sites will be added to it.)