Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to question on dotLrn status on port to postgres


I think we have some communication glitches to iron out. The last communication on the PG availability date was the following:

"The PG version will be available on July 1. There are still some changes going into the core so we want to take our time to do things right first on Oracle, and then quickly port." []

Now perhaps it was unreasonable to expect that this version would be a full, complete port given the time frame, but it does come across as a little jarring to read now that July 1 is "still" the target for "demoable" and "alpha-level" compatibility.

Just how functional will that alpha-level code be? How confident are you in the July 20th date? Does "solid install" mean "production-quality release"? Does it mean "complete parity with the Oracle version"? And will you include upgrade scripts for those who get started with the July 1 release?