Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ACS 3.5 beta released

Posted by Jade Rubick on
I think I figured out why I wasn't able to get ACS 3.5 working. I
was using Aolserver 3.4, and ACS 3.5 works with 3.3 + ad13,

I have a few changes I am thinking about uploading to the
repository, but of course it is a little difficult for me to test them
out on a clean version of ACS 3.5, unless I reverted to Aolserver
3.3 + ad13.


calendar: allows you to select whose entries you see on the
shared calendar. also changed the private calendars so they
were optional. added in a new view which puts the employee on
the left side of the calendar, and the date on the top. Added ticket
deadlines to all views of the calendar. These are all for the
calendar module. I'm eventually going to retire my own ticket-
calendar page, but not until I've replaced it thoroughly in the
calendar module.  These changes do require new tables, which
I provide in an upgrade script.

tickets: added an option to "see tickets I assigned" to the index
page. Improvements to the view of the ticket cross references,
and to the ticket views in general. A lot of minor interface tweaks.

A lot more that I'll see when I diff the code.

I am curious how many people are using the ACS 3.5 repository.
Am I wasting my time uploading these changes? Has anybody
else uploaded any of their improvements and/or bug fixes?