Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to dotLRN some basic questions.

Posted by Benjamin Bytheway on
Found some more Postgres bugs in the forums package I just checked out of cvs:

in /www/index-postgres.xql the following column needs to be added to the query:

case when last_modified > (now() - 1) then 't' else 'f' end as new_p


in /www/forum-view-postgresql.xql the line:

select count(fm1.*)
should be changed to:
select count(*)
in both queries.


in /sql/postgresql/forums-messages-package-create.sql the line:

select define_function_args ('forums_message_new' ...
needs to be:
select define_function_args ('forums_message__new' ...


Forums is not working after these changes, but we're closer. The bug I'm currently trying to track down is in the plpgsql function: forums_mess_insert_tr, which gives an error:

ERROR:  FOR UPDATE: relation "max_child_sortkey" not found in FROM clause

Anyway, that's my update.