Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Oracle tablespaces - why pctincrease 1?

Posted by Yonatan Feldman on

i have some documents that i was working on for deployment within arsdigita that i believe have some useful information. they were written in collaboration with Richard Li, Rob Mayoff, and Mark Silis. they are not finished and have some stuff that doesn't pertain to us, arsdigita specific stuff. if anyone feels like bringing these up to date so we can post them on let me know and i will email them to you.

here is the table of contents:

note: sections 6 through 10 are basically empty.


1 Introduction
2 Hardware
2.1 Development
2.2 Staging
2.3 Production
3 Operating System
3.1 Kernel parameters
4 Database
4.1 Database configuration
4.2 Schema configuration
4.3 Maintenance
4.4 Backups
5 Servers
5.1 Running the servers
5.1.1 Installing daemontools
5.1.2 Creating a daemontools service
7 Development
8 Testing
9 Scaling
10 Monitoring