Forum OpenACS Development: What is WS external query execution?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Rocael, I'm afraid that description of "WS external query execution" isn't enough for me to understand it either. First of all, just what is a "WS", who controls it, why are you querying it, and what sort of queries does it accept? E.g., does it accept SQL? (This all has something to do with the "web services" buzzword, I guess?) What is the actual problem you want to solve here?

You're suggesting integrating this WS query support (whatever it is exactly) in the db_* API, and depending how all this works, accessed using either the existing -dbn switch, or some new switch similar to it. Does any underlying WS support for ns_db already exist? Are you planning to integrate support at the ns_db level, or as some totally separate module which would get stuffed into the OpenACS db_* API along side of ns_db?