Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to How do I build search capabilities into a new application?

Benjamin, there's already a tcl port for the openfts version that makes use of tsearch (only available from cvs at I've just started working for the documentation of the new version and as soon as it's finished we're gonna release. Now, if you're asking whether there's an openacs package that makes use of the new version, not yet, but it won't take long to get that ready as well. I'm just asking for patience since I'm between a lot of things lately and I'm also catching up from several months of inactivity.

Daryl, I don't know if this is what you're looking for (you need to sign in):

* (Oracle Intermedia)

* (Oracle Text)

Note that Oracle intermedia utilizes inverted index which is very fast for searching but not as fast for online indexing. In loose terms the inverted index requires that every searchable item is reindexed every time you need to update one of the indexed document.OpenFTS is much superior in that respect which makes it very good for web apps.