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Posted by Matthew Geddert on

My suggestions for OpenACS 5.3 would the these in order of priority:

  1. Verified postgresql 8.x support (we simply cannot afford to fall behind on this - maybe there are no issues and this is a mute point - I haven't tested it and haven't heard of others doing so)
  2. xHTML 1.1 STRICT or HTML 4.01 STRICT compliance. The key here for me is STRICT and not whether or not it is xhtml or html. Consistent rendering is better insured with strict support.
  3. Table-less DIV based layout everywhere that is possible. This will allow other devices (handhelds, cells) to use our websites effectively. When thinking about it, the only package I can imagine needing tables for layout is calendar...
  4. Semantically correct (x)html markup.
  5. CSS Standards that make use of lists (ordered or unordered) and divs describing different content types that transcend individual package needds as much as possible. Currently many packages have a packages/www/resources/package.css file and they are all wildly different in use. The packages I have contributed to this definitly have this problem. I think it would be great to have a standard way of organizing data to make site wide graphical changes simple and consistent.