Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to dotLRN some basic questions.

Posted by Benjamin Bytheway on
Just checked out the latest openacs cvs just to make sure I'm not asking about something that's already fixed.

From last night on, the notifications package bombs on installation (Postgres).  I don't know if you have a fix coming, so I just thought I'd make sure you knew about it.

Also, I have a question about permissions.  When I was playing around with the forums package yesterday (which mostly worked.)  I was confused about the permissioning system the forums use.  If I, in the site map, give my the public the forum_read privelege in a certain instance of the forum package, do the individual forums and messages inherit this permission?

Yesterday it didn't look like the permissions were being inherited, so each forum had to have forum_read granted to the public explicitly.  I hope that was just a bug and not the way it is supposed to work.