Forum OpenACS Q&A: Slides on OACS features

Posted by Rafael Calvo on
I am preparing a set of slides on OACS features, with lots of screencaptures, that can be used for begineers who want to know what OACS is about and what they can do with it.
This is a first draft (in PDF), and I would appreciate if people can give me feedback on what features should be commented on. The screen captures will have higlited those things that relate to a particular feature.
So far I have included:
BBoard, calendar, news, file storage, wimpy point, ticket tracking should I include any other?
There will be two more slide set, one for web masters (administration features) and one on the services (general comments, events, ...)
Posted by David Kuczek on
Looks really good Rafael!

On page 7 the images for next month and previous month are not showing...

You could add some shots of dotlrn features ( I don't know how far they are with the survey module, but I can imagine it being pretty crucial for eLearning. Event Management would be nice to have also...