Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to The OpenACS social

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

1. We really enjoyed Greenpeace International's hospitality. They have some visionary ideas about how to use the web in their organization, ambitious plans (for which OpenACS seems to be ideally matched), and a really cool New Media team (the motor behind the new "Mothership" site), that also helped make the social happen - the team is made up of a group of international, neat, nice, smart, hard workers pushing for a common goal). These are the just the kind of people that make the OpenACS community what it is (and that web site is destined to give OpenACS some of the publicity it deserves... good work guys!). I can't wait until the case study is up on the site (Don said he got them to commit on putting together a little piece about it for

Thanks again Brian, Danielle, Tracy, Trina, and Bruno for providing the infrastructure for the OpenACS meeting. I was really happy I got to meet you (and all the other OpenACSers that came to the meeting) and I really enjoyed the evening.

2. The mini-conference on globalization went quite well (I have a deadline to meet this weekend, so I will be posting the results of the meeting at the start of next week). We had people from all over the place for the meeting... it was great.

3. During the social we enjoyed each other's company and exchanged information on some really neat OpenACS based projects (we even had a little beamer session during the social where we got to see some really cool OpenACS projects, including a behind the scenes tour of Greenpeace's new site). It also gave us a chance to interview some ACS veterans about old and ne w projects. We sat and listened to what OpenACS jedi masters had to say . :-) The social made it obvious that it is the people and ideas behind thi s project that make it what it is.

4. Summary: We had fun!

More soon...