Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Reuse in the large is an unsolved problem !?

Posted by Matthew Dodwell on
I've been using OAK recently and found that it substantially enhanced my OACS experience :-)

Just to have a package build the DB scripts is incredibly useful to me and has helped in learning the system by getting my simple packages working quickly, and then I can enhance them.

Having just been writing TCL code generators for a client I very much like this development method. Encode your expert knowledge in one place and get the routine code produced from a higher level design pattern. There will always be a need for coding the more obscure cases, but I'm fed up with always rewriting the standard stuff!

Reading Lars' articles as a long-time lurker at OACS and a sometime user I can see what he's saying and I'm sad that such a good coder has gone elsewhere, but I still have a lot of affection for this package and will continue to use it as my DB/web environment.