Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Looking for a web photo solution, for mom....

Posted by Jerry Asher on
It's not the interface that keeps me away from yahoo.  I'd prefer a yahoo solution over a doit-my-self solution.

It's the disk space size limitations that are the deal breaker.  A feature of the original Phillip Greenspun photo software was the ability to maintain different sizes of images and let folks pick what they want to see.  I really like that, but it adds up to lots and lots of disk space.  I do like making movies available too -- and those are 10Mb a piece.  It appears that yahoo will only sell me 100Mb (and that for $35 per year).  In the words of Hans and Frans, puny.  pumps that up to 500Mb, but they want $100 a year for that.  That would almost be worth it except for's completely hid interfaces and their pop-up advertising.