Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Looking for a web photo solution, for mom....

Posted by Jeff Davis on
I expect testing and suggestions are the most important for me but I need to get something testable for you before either makes sense.

If you have looked at the other web based photo things you might point out what you think are the best ideas we can steal :)

As for a test file it might be nice to have a tarball or zip with a few images including an avi and a wav file or two to test with.

Another thing I am debating is whether to use exifutils ( or exif-tools ( )

exifutils is very good but not free (I have an old "free for noncommercial use" version but only for linux). I have almost decided to go with exif-tools which is GPLed but sort of sucks for anything beyond the basic information (and has not been changed in about 2 years as far as I can tell). I looked at the code and I think there are some easy changes to improve extraction of vendor specific data but I hate having to adopt a seemingly dead project to make something work. If someone knew of a better alternative than either of the above that would be a huge help...