Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Looking for a web photo solution, for mom....

If you have looked at the other web based photo things you might point out what you think are the best ideas we can steal :)
Ideas from photo album lite:
  • Short path to uploading. I'd rather not require users to perform lots of clicks and form entry before adding their first photo. In the case of photo album lite I tried to simplify things by using a 2-level type hierarchy (folder/photo), bubbling the folder-adding form up to the browse folders page, and delaying annotation until after the photos are added. I think a 3-level folder/album/photo is viable, but perhaps there should be a way to automatically create the folder and album upon image upload to avoid distracting the contributor.
  • Annotating while viewing. I like having a picture in front of me while I describe it, as opposed to working from memory. I think others do too.
  • One upload widget set. No need to distract the user with UI distinctions for image files vs. zip files vs. tar files. Give them a single set of upload widgets and have your backend script figure out what kind of file its got and the appropriate action.
Ideas from
  • Drag and drop uploading. Kind of clunky for multiple not-zipped files, but so simple!
  • Sorting while viewing. Ofoto displays the images, and moves them around on the screen client-side, when you change the order.
  • Logical associations with places and people. I want to be able to offer links like "see other photos of the people in this picture" and "see photos taken near this picture"
  • Integration with Ofoto or the like. It would be great if picture pages had an "order prints" link that took to you a vendor's site and everything just worked.