Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to now running on OpenACS 4.5

Posted by Jorge Garcia on
Hi from Spain, Bruno and Don:

Could you provide us with some more detailed description about the use of the three computers?.

It will be very useful for all of us.

We are triying to figure a configuration in the 'real world' with a site with a good volume of requests.

We think something like this will be very useful for a possible hardware addendum to the manual Rafael Calvo is creating.

have you dedicated one processor in the SUN wk, only to the Oracle database?

We assume the Oracle runs in the SUN. Maybe not.

the other processor, is used to something specific?

the two webservers are used with a balancer (like LVM, Cisco LocalDirector or something like that)?

One webserver owns static pages with Zope and the other is using the OACS?

In this case, are you using Apache mod_proxy to send a request to one webserver or to the other webserver?

Maybe it's more simple that all this :)

I don´t know.

I hope my english could be readed and understanded.

Seria mas facil preguntartelo en espanol, Bruno. ;-))