Forum OpenACS Q&A: List of Mime Types?

Posted by Tracy Adams on
I've been searching for a half hour or so and I can't find a good
list of mime types.  By "good", I mean one contains the mime
type, file extension and pretty name for each entry.

Does anyone have a good list?

Thank you

Posted by Andrew Spencer on
I also recently spent about an hour serching for the same thing but to no avail. I did find a large list of mime types, but it unfortunately lacks a descriptive pretty name.

One resource I did discover was on my system in /usr/share/mimelnk. Within are subfolders with mime type information, including pretty names. Below is an excerpt from the TIFF Image entry:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=TIFF Image

I was thinking of starting my own mime type database using the information from /usr/share/mimelnk as a starting point and building from there. However, it would be much nicer if someone knew of a more comprehensive list.
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Well, I don't have any pretty names, here's my list of MIME types from my AOLserver nsd.tcl config file:

ns_section ns/MimeTypes 
  set mime_plain {text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1} 
  set mime_html  {text/html; charset=iso-8859-1} 
  # See also "" for advice on 
  # character sets and MIME types in AOLserver. 
  ns_param Default     $mime_plain 
  ns_param NoExtension $mime_plain 
  ns_param .txt  $mime_plain 
  ns_param .text $mime_plain 
  ns_param .me   $mime_plain 
  ns_param .htm  $mime_html 
  ns_param .html $mime_html 
  # AOLserver default's file extension to MIME type mappings are 
  # defined in "aolserver/nsd/mimetypes.c", and are also documented 
  # at: 
  # Here we add additional file-extension/MIME mappings: 
  ns_param .pcd  image/x-photo-cd 
  ns_param .prc  application/x-pilot 
  ns_param .css  text/css 
  ns_param .doc  application/msword 
  ns_param .xls  application/msexcel 
  ns_param .xlc  application/msexcel 
  ns_param .fm4  application/x-framemaker 
  ns_param .fm5  application/x-framemaker 
  ns_param .ppt  application/ 
  ns_param .pot  application/ 
  ns_param .pps  application/ 
  ns_param .mpp  application/ 
  ns_param .dvi  application/x-dvi 
  # Here we override some of the mappings provided by AOLserver: 
  #ns_param .rtf  application/msword